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 Public Events  

  • Dr Jai Madaan was invited as a motivational speaker at KALA ABHIVYAKTI sponsored by CERA  in Indore in 2019.

  • FICCI FLO conducted a programme with Dr Jai Madaan – The secret of destiny in 2019.

  • Dr Jai Madaan talks at LAKSHMI LADIES CLUB in Ludhiana about Health, Wealth, Happiness & Prosperity in 2020.

  • Dr Jai Madaan spoke at SPICY SUGAR CLUB in Agra about Life, Relationship, vastu & Much More in 2020.

  • Insightful speech on magical symbols at JAIN YOUTH SUMMIT in 2020.

  • Dr Jai Madaan talks about how to understand Nature of people at LYLA.

  • Dr Jai Madaan Conducted a talk show at SAMANVAY LADIES CLUB in Hyderabad in 2020

  • Dr Jai Madaan conducted a corporate event in Nepal and talks about Health, Wealth & happiness.

  • Dr Jai Madaan conducts interactive session with ROTARY FEMINA on Vastu Gyan.

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